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9:24 am -October 23rd, 2016by admin

Now that you’ve brought home a new baby guinea pig, the next thing to do is naming it. Most people don’t like ordinary names, but some people do. And that’s perfectly okay. Your pet, your name.

However, I want to note that my first guinea pig was named “Amy.” And when I first introduced her to a classmate, who also happened to have the same name, Amy the human was offended. She should have felt honored, in my opinion.

Having an ordinary human name is perfectly fine. But why not have something more creative? So, without further a due, here are the top 10 most creative guinea pig names we have found (in no particular order).

1. “Caviar”

If you’ve done some research on guinea pigs, you may already know why this is a clever name. The scientific name for this animal is the “Cavia Porcellus,” or “Cavy” for short.

Caviar on the other hand, is an expensive delicacy comprised of salt-cured fish eggs. The resemblance of the words caviar and cavy makes this a great name for your new pet. Just be ready to educate non-cavy enthusiasts on why your pet is named after a world-class delicacy.

2. “Porkellus” (Porky)

Although guinea pigs and actual pigs aren’t biologically related in any way whatsoever, this name is not a shocker. When a friend of mine told me about his piggy name Porky, I wasn’t impressed. However, I later found out the full name was “Porkellus” and just Porky for short.

He pretty much replaced the letter “c” with a “k” in the animal’s scientific name, “Porcellus.” After receiving this new information, I deemed the name worthy to be on this list.

3. “Guinea-zilla”

Of all the guinea pig facts I’ve found, I was most shocked that the related ancestor of your cute little pig once stood nine feet tall and weighed around 1500 pounds! Yes, this is true, and they were called the “Phoberomys  Pattersoni.” However, scientists have aptly nicknamed the giant rodent, Guinea-zilla.

So it’s no surprise that a few guinea pig enthusiasts who have picked up on this, decided to ironically give their pet such a name.

4. “Pigglesworth”

This is the guinea pig version of the rare name “Shuttlesworth.” For my basketball fans, you might recognize this from the Spike Lee movie “He’s Got Game,” where NBA star Ray Allen plays Jesus Shuttlesworth. Even if you’re not an NBA fan or have never heard of the movie, you’ve got to admit, it has a nice ring to it.

5. “Einstein”

When I first met Einstein the white Silkie, I immediately laughed. His white, long and curly hair looked exactly like Albert Einstein’s hair. Of course, I wouldn’t recommend naming your American piggy this because of their short hair. But for the right breed of guinea pig, this name can work out perfectly.

6. “King Guinidas”

I actually know a Teddy guinea pig named King Guinidas. For the people that did not make the connection, he was named after the Spartan hero, King Leonidas. As you may have guessed, the owner was a huge fan of the hit movie “300.”

I found this name hilarious because of how ironic it is. King Leonidas was a fierce war hero for the tough Spartans. However, guinea pigs are docile, happy little creatures. Bonus points for the irony!

7. “Elvis Pigsly”

Ever heard of the “King of Rock n’ Roll?” As an Elvis Presley fan myself, I had to include this in the list. Why not honor the legend by naming your pet after him? If I had a Silkie with this name, I would probably dress it up in the typical Elvis outfit everyday since the hair-do already matches.  To whoever thought of this: great job.

8. “Guinea Stefani”

You may know the famous singer and songwriter, Gwen Stefani. I’ll have to admit this is quite clever. The Guinea makes a perfect replacement for the Gwen. So if there are any “No Doubt” fans still out there, this creative name may just be the one for you.

9. “Hamlet”

This was most likely named after the William Shakespeare tragedy hit “Hamlet.” It’s fairly an interesting name that will take most people a bit to make the connection. If you don’t get it: ham comes from pigs. And yes, we already covered the fact that guinea pigs are no way related to pigs.

10. “Jabba”

Guinea pigs like to eat and often become overweight if you don’t properly regulate their diet and nutrition. So, this Star Wars inspired name is fitting for this animal. Jabba the Hut was a fictional character, which appears to be an alien slug with a heavy appetite.

There are literally millions of Star Wars fanatics around the world, and odds are, some of them own a pet guinea pig. So, I’m not surprised that I’ve found this name browsing through forums.

Naming your pet after a fictional character in your favorite movie or TV series is another great way to brainstorm a name.

* * *

I hope this list was helpful in giving you ideas and inspiration on naming your new pet. I’m just one person, so I know there has to be a bunch of great and creative guinea pig names that I must have missed. Feel free to reply in the comments section with a great name for a piggy that you’ve heard. Let’s brainstorm some names below!